Driver Trainings

With over 33 years of professional experience in off-road motorsports and racing in Baja, there isn’t much that I haven’t accomplished in the dirt. I have wins both behind the wheel of a short course truck, and in the desert on two wheels and four, including the biggest of them all - the Baja 1000. I continue to race today, primarily in Limited and Unlimited Trophy Trucks. Using this experience and tactics learned over many races, I train other drivers to gain the physical and mental skills required for performing at their peak on and off the course.

Are you new to the world of off-road racing? Are you experienced in desert racing but looking to add a couple of extra tools to your arsenal to help find that podium? No matter which group you fall into, my 1:1 driver trainings will help you achieve your full potential behind the wheel. Each session and training program is tailored specifically to where the driver is at in terms of skill level, and can cover anything from braking and cornering techniques to mindset practices to help a driver become calmer, more focused and proactive vs reactive and overwhelmed. 

To learn more about Driver Trainings and to see if it will be the right fit for you, please reach out to me at or by clicking here.